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Ministries like mine are called ‘Discernment Ministries’. A group of them suddenly came on the scene around the 1990s. The Internet was a great gift to us since so much research came on board making it easy to share information with others. Life went along just fine with the usual about cults and Ministers of the Gospel who lost track of the truth, until this last Pope arrived. It truly became necessary to get on radio programs to hopefully have listeners of all religions realize, that they are caught up in a Matrix unbeknownst to most. How can that be when preachers seem to be the same old same old. Pope Francis I is telling people that there is no salvation outside of the Catholic Church. Behind the scene preachers are getting on the Pope’s bandwagon to be politically correct. The Bible makes it clear that the flock of believers are going to be deceived and abandoned by the shepherds, if Jesus Christ is not number one in believer’s hearts. The final church is described as the Laodecian Church which is lukewarm. God wants them to be hot or cold. God will spew out the lukewarm believers. Our mission is to help people understand that.

Following is a short Bio of Rita Williams who is in charge of this ministry.

Life began in Niagara Falls NY, 13 years in Europe, traveled and lived across the US, Israel twice, Colorado is my home for many years. I’m a mother of four and a bunch of grandchildren. CU College BA / BS etc. Artist 7 yrs: Spiritual Painting accepted at opening of Denver Art Museum. Delivered from 20yrs of Mormonism. Author of published books:  ‘Prove Me The Lord Says’ and ‘Taming the Lion’. Founded Cephas Ministry in 1992 exposing heresy.

Address: Cephas Ministries PO Box 351944 Westminster CO 80035-1944   Phone 303 452 1104   Email: r421@earthlink.net

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God bless you with a desire for the truth and nothing but the truth,

In Christ Jesus, Shalom, Rita Williams